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DNA Consulting 2023

Saturday, April 1, 2023 – Available only to those registered for In-Person.  Must be attending in-person event in Burbank and pay a $10 fee for a 15 minute one-on-one DNA consultation with a local expert.

If you ever wanted to have the undivided attention of someone who could look at your DNA results and help you understand them and/or coach you on the next steps, this is your chance!  For the first time, SCGS has arranged for local experts to provide this service, for a nominal fee, during our Genetic Genealogy conference.

Here are the consultants (see their bios under Speakers & Consultants) and the topics they will consult on:

  • Honorine Renee COCHEE          DNA with Ancestry or FTDNA
  • Bonny R. COOK                          Any test with FTDNA
  • Kitty Munson COOPER              Third-party tools
  • Alice M. FAIRHURST, MS           Any DNA test, any company
  • Adrian M. FOUSHEE, MBA        Autosomal, Y-DNA and GedMatch
  • Christine GREENE                     Adoptee and unknown parentage
  • Diane HENRIKS                          AncestryDNA and unknown parentage
  • Kathryn JOHNSTON, MD           Tips for budding genetic genealogists
  • Megan LEE                                  Autosomal DNA and unknown parentage
  • Cheri MELLO, MA                       Any DNA test (not Big-Y); any company
  • Jim McAULEY                             YDNA and Big Y-700
  • Dwight “Bill” REILLY                  Autosomal and DNAGedCom
  • Brittany Watts REX, JD              Ancestry and unknown parentage
  • Dr. John V. RICHARDSON, Jr.   YDNA and Big Y-700
  • Lyn S. YOUNG                            Autosomal DNA with Ancestry

To access DNA Consulting you will need to Register for In-Person.

Explore the Schedule and Register