SCGS: Genealogy Jamboree
REGISTRATION FAQs - Print these instructions

Please go to to access Jamboree 2017 registration.

ENTRY PAGE for starting a new registration or for viewing or for amending a registration.
Press the "Register Now" button to register or to login to your previous registration.


1. Why do I need an email? Your email will be used to send you a confirmation that you have completed your registration.

2. Can I use the same email to register more than one person? Yes.

3. What if I have no email address? Call SCGS at (818) 843-7247 during open hours and ask a librarian to take your registration order over the phone. The registration will be entered for you.

1. Click this link for beginning a new registration, then click on Continue.
1. If you didn't set up a password for your already-completed registration, or if you forgot your password, you will need to click "Forgot Your Password?". The system will send a password reset to the email that you have entered. After clicking "Forgot Your Password?", click the Continue button.


1. Are the prices different for Member and Non-Member? Yes. Members get discounted prices on conference fees, meals, workshops, tours, and syllabi.

2. How do I become a SCGS member? Prior to choosing your member status for the conference, sign up for membership at

1. Why don't I see any workshops? Workshops will only appear after you have chosen a conference at the top of the form. Workshops are limited to people who have signed up for either the Genetic Genealogy conference, or at least one day of Jamboree.

2. Are there any requirements for the workshops? Yes. All details on workshop requirements are found at under the tab labeled Schedule.

3. Are some workshops scheduled during the same time slot? Yes. The registration form has grouped workshops that are given during a specific time slot so choose only one in a time slot group.

4. Can I sign up for both a Friday morning DNA workshop and a JamboFREE class? While the form allows you to do so, please note that these are occurring during the same time slot so you won't actually be able to attend both.


1. Why should I create a password? A password is required to receive your confirmation and for you to review or change your initial registration.

2. Do I have to use the same password I use for my email? No, you can create a new password.

3. Why didn't the program accept my password? Your password must contain at least one character from three of the following four sets: lower-case, upper-case, numeric and special character.

4. What do I do if I did not create a password or forgot my password? You can use the "Forgot Your Password?" option to have a password reset sent to the email that you have entered that will let you set or reset your password.

1. How do I choose a payment method? This is a drop-down menu. Your choices are credit card, check, or PayPal. Cash can be accepted when paying at the SCGS library ONLY. Make checks payable to SCGS and mail to: SCGS - Jamboree Registration, 417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA 91504-2408.

1. How do I choose a credit card type? If you have chosen credit card as your type of payment, the boxes for processing credit cards will appear. In this box, choose either Visa or MasterCard.

Do not choose either of the first two choices (Visa Debit Card or MasterCard Debit Card) as SCGS does not accept debit cards.

1. Why was my credit card not accepted? The most common errors are because a person did not use the exact name that appears on the credit card and/or forgot to enter the billing phone associated with their account. Also, the billing address must be in agreement with what is recorded for that particular credit card. Lastly, check numbers for typos – credit card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code.
1. How do I know my registration is complete? When you see this message on your screen, you'll know your registration is complete. A message will show that a confirmation has been sent to the email you entered.

2. Where is my registration receipt? Keep scrolling down so you can see the action box as shown below and the details of your registration.

1. What do the Actions and Documents links do? The Mobil Event Guide link will only work for the map option. The Manage Your Registration option will let you return to your registration to review or change your registration options. The Print Your Registration link will send your registration information to your printer. The Receipt link will display your receipt in a separate browser window/page.

2. How do I print my confirmation/receipt? There are several ways to print your confirmation/receipt. You can use the Print Your Receipt Action shown above, use your browser's built-in menus choices, or press Ctrl-P on your keyboard to open a print dialog that will print the confirmation page.

1. How do I find the screen so I can change things about my registration? Use your confirmation email to go back into your registration or go to the registration button on the SCGS website to go back to the entry page shown at the beginning of this document. You'll be asked for your email and then for your password. Keep clicking on Continue until you see this screen.

2. What does Primary Attendee mean? You'll see your name. If you have registered more than one person using the same email, you'll see all of their names. The first person to use this email is called the Primary Attendee.

3. What is Type? Most people will see either Member or Non-member. Others are registered as Speakers, Exhibitors, or Staff.

4. What happens if I click on Attendee Info? This area contains your name, nametag, address and phone. You can click on this to ensure everything is correct and make changes if needed.

5. What happens if I click on Conference Choices? Clicking on conference choices allows you to make changes to your registration. Your previously selected items show check marks. You might want to add a meal or a tour to your registration, or make other changes as necessary. When you finish with this page, you will next go to the Check Out Process Page. Any changes for billing purposes will be handled during the Check Out Process.

6. Can I use this page to do other operations? Yes, note the words in blue above the Registrant title. Many people like to print from this page.


1. I've finished my transaction/changes. How do I exit the registration program? In order for any changes to be completed, you must click the Finish button at the bottom of the page. Clicking on Finish is the only way to ensure that your information is captured and processed. Failure to click finish will result in a failure to capture any changes or registration information you have entered.