SCGS: Genealogy Jamboree

Genealogy Jamboree 2017: "Hunting Your Heritage."

Friday, June 9, 2017 Schedule

Convention Center Lobby Tables - Jamboree / Workshop Pre-Registration Check-in: 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Convention Center Lobby Kiosk - Jamboree Walk-in Registration: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Exhibitor Setup 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM; Exhibit Hall open 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
FR-F: SCGS Research Tour - Meet at the NW corner of the Convention Center 8:15 AM, Return 12:00 PM
Concession Food Sales on Patio: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday Banquet: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Genealogy Jamboree Friday, June 9

8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Free to the public
Advance registration requested

Friday JamboFREE Schedule - Attend only ONE free event. (Schedule is subject to change)

Note: See the Workshop Schedule for DNA workshops that are happening Friday morning.

Jamboree 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

FR001 Finding John Lee: Using DNA, Online and Offline Genealogy
Discover how DNA, online and offline genealogy converged to break down a more than 100-year-old brick wall revealing the life, times, and relations of a mysterious multi-ethnic man named John Lee. Level: Beg. (Nicka J. Smith)

FR002 Preserving Your Memories on
By 1920 more than 4 million Italians had immigrated to America. If you have Italian ancestry and have yet to jump across the Atlantic, come learn some helpful research hints to start your journey from home. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Michael Provard of FamilySearch)

FR003 Beginning Your Italian Research
Grandma was a housewife? Well maybe, but there's a chance she may have worked for pay or as a volunteer. Learn more about women's occupations and volunteer work and how to trace what your female ancestor did. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Michael D. Lacopo, DVM)

FR004 Too Many Marys: Solving Identity and Same Name Conundrums
Genealogy is the study of identity and relationships. Do you have a brick wall? It is probably an issue of identity. Using case studies, attendees will learn the three types of identity problems and discover strategies for successful resolution to solving their own brick walls. Level: Beg., Int. (Jill Morelli, CGsm)

FR005 Misbegotten Children: Tracing the Illegitimate
Illegitimacy can be both a surprise and an embarrassment as we discover more and more about our family’s history. Treated with care and sensitivity, we can use many available resources to help us in our research. Level: Int., Adv. (Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG®)

FR006 Bagging a Live One: Connect With Cousins You Never Knew You Had
Learn to find distant relatives, ones you never knew existed. Come away with skills to target specific people and to find their contact details. Understand the pros and cons of various contact strategies. By the end of the session you will have the tools and confidence to bag some new relatives! Level: Beg., Int. (Mary Kircher Roddy)

FR007 From Rubble to Ruin: Locating Famine Emigrants Using Griffith's Valuation
Although referred to as a 'census substitute' Griffith's Valuation is a tax list. The Primary Valuation of Ireland managed by Richard Griffith between 1848 and 1864 has become a key resource for locating ancestors, or the family of ancestors who might have emigrated during the famine. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Donna M. Moughty)

FR008 Roosevelt’s Tree Army: Finding Your Ancestors in the CCC
Tens of thousands of young men came together to serve in the vanguard of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program. Find your ancestors who may have worked and served as one of the boys, government workers, or military serviceman with the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1942. Level: Beg., Int. (Michael L. Strauss, AG®)

FR009 Facebook: A Tool for Genealogy Research
While Facebook is the world’s largest online social network with more than 1.2 billion users, did you know that it can be leveraged as a genealogy research “work horse” to help find your ancestors? In this session you’ll go beyond the basics of setting up a Facebook account and simply posting status. Level: Beg. (Thomas MacEntee)

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

FR010 MyHeritage Best Kept Secrets
MyHeritage's great technology helps you find relatives and records, but are you taking full advantage of this website? Learn the best less known features to help you maximize your time and effort to discover your family history: Matches, Statistics, PedigreeMap, Events Enhanced Record Viewer and more. Level: Beg., Int. (Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage)

FR011 Hidden Gems: Underutilized Record Collections on
Ancestry has more than 19 billion historical records available online in more than 32,000 different databases. But, we seem to use the same databases over and over again – census, city directories, and passenger lists. In this presentation we share some of the underutilized gems that can help you break through your brick walls and discover more about your ancestors than you thought possible. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Crista Cowan of Ancestry)

FR012 Descendancy Research
Take a new approach to your genealogy by researching living relatives. Experience the joy of shared stories and unique discoveries and give your research new life. Level: Int. (Michael Brophy, MBA)

FR013 Decode your DNA: Strategies for Beginning Genetic Genealogy
Gain an understanding of the uses and limitations of commercial genealogical DNA tests. Learn to design a genetic testing strategy to find ancestors, form hypotheses, and explore family lore. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Shannon Stewart Christmas, MCP)

FR014 The Importance of Collateral Research
When hitting a dead end on direct ancestral research, collateral research can assist with locating them. Discussion will include DNA, collateral relatives, neighbors, friends, and others that could help work the way back to direct family. Level: Beg., Int. (Sheila Benedict)

FR015 Angel Island: What Records Exist and Where to Find Them
Angel Island, located San Francisco bay, has history which includes Spanish exploration, U.S. military occupation from the Civil War to the Cold War, a quarantine station, an immigration station and three lighthouses. Historical events on the island and the records generated will be presented. Level: Beg., Int. (Linda Harms Okazaki)

FR016 The Joy of Surnames
Each surname has its own story to tell. This lecture provides an overview of the history and distribution of surnames with a focus on surnames originating in the British Isles. The one-name study approach can provide breakthroughs that would not be possible by restricting research to your own family tree. Become a worldwide expert on your chosen surname. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Debbie A. Kennett)

FR017 Generating Genealogy Blog Content
Content is key to maintaining a genealogical blog. In this session we will look at a variety of ways to generate fresh regular content for your genealogical blog, length of posts, serializing content, and more. Level: Int. (Michael John Neill)

FR018 Genealogical Proof for the Novice Genealogist
How do you know if the genealogical facts you’ve uncovered are correct? How do you avoid attaching somebody else’s ancestors to your family tree? The Genealogical Proof Standard will get your research moving in the right direction from the beginning and help you avoid errors and frustration. Level: Beg. (Annette Burke Lyttle)

3:35 pm - 3:45 pm Door Prize Drawing in Convention Center Lobby
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm FR019 Shamrocks in Cyberspace: Irish Genealogy Databases
Information about our Irish ancestors is exploding on the Internet. The best websites for Irish research are explored and analyzed. Level: Int. (Michael Brophy, MBA)

FR020 Citing Sources and Evaluating Evidence
More and more genealogists are evolving from “name collectors” to “serious researchers.” Most realize the need to cite sources and evaluate evidence before data is added to a family tree. Here are ways to not only make the process easier, but to also get the most out of your research data. Level: Beg. (Thomas MacEntee)

FR021 Tips for Tracing Your Jewish Roots
Travel down the wonderful road of Jewish genealogy. Learn about the myths, the records, the resources and the challenges. Discover how to organize information, preserve it and transmit to future generations. Level: Beg., Int. (Schelly Talalay Dardashti)

FR022 Choosing the Best Continuing Education Opportunities
Learn what genealogical education opportunities are available and how to best decide which serves your needs and budget. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Elissa Scalise Powell, CGsm, CGLsm)

FR023 RootsMagic: Your Home Base for Your Online Research
RootsMagic genealogy and family tree software can be your "home base" for accessing resources from multiple websites. Join us and learn how to use RootsMagic to spot holes and problems in your family tree. See how to easily search online sites such as Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, and more. You'll also learn how to easily share your findings with others. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic)

FR024 Introduction to Swedish Military Research
Discover the wealth of Swedish military historical records from the 1600s to the mid-20th century that enable one to research one’s ancestor’s military service from enlistment to discharge. A case study will be used to show the steps for finding the Swedish military records. Level: Int., Adv. (Kathy Meade of ArkivDigital)

FR025 High Definition DNA Testing
Discover the power of using more information within your DNA to show the regions of countries where your ancestry comes from and being able to go beyond simple relationship ranges to accurately re-construct family pedigrees with DNA alone. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (David Nicholson of LivingDNA)

FR026 The Proof is in the Pension
Learn about the history of African Americans involvement in the Civil War and how a solider's pension file can be a goldmine. From the names of former slaveholders to photos and vital records, this largely untapped resource can break down many a brick wall. Level: Beg., Int. (Nicka J. Smith)

FR027 Treasures in Township Records
A part of the rectangular survey system, the township had its beginnings in Europe. Still in use today, we will focus on the many types of records of our ancestors that may be found there. Some records may be found there, and nowhere else. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG®)

5:05 pm - 5:15 pm Door Prize Drawing in Convention Center Lobby
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments
DNA testing experts will discuss the connection between DNA testing and genealogy, what tests are available, and which companies provide which tests. Advances being made in the field of Genetic Genealogy will be examined. Audience questions will be answered in the second half of the program.
Level: Beg., Int., Adv. Moderator: Alice M. Fairhurst, MS, Panelists: Angie Bush, MS; David R. Dowell, PhD; Debbie A. Kennett; Drew Smith, MLS; Diahan Southard

FR029 Hearts Before Charts: Listening for Our Ancestors
Not quite convinced that genealogy is for you? Have a family member you're trying to persuade to join the genealogy ranks? The new hearts-before-charts method of family history persuades even the greatest skeptics that genealogy is for them. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Geoff Rasmussen)

FR030 A Guide to Massachusetts Record Repositories

The lecture offers a highly practical guide to Genealogical record repositories and their major resources in Massachusetts with an emphasis on Eastern Massachusetts and Boston. Level: Beg. (Michael Brophy, MBA)

FR031 My Top Ten Tech Tools I Really Use
Not a technophile? Neither am I! Daily we are bombarded with new apps, features, programs and genealogical gizmos that (they say) will solve our genealogical problems. I have found a few simple tools that really help me are better than many that “sorta help.” Perhaps they will help you too! Level: Beg. (Jill Morelli, CGsm)

FR032 Decoding Secret Societies: Sisterhood in Fraternal Organizations
Did you have ancestors who had membership in the Eastern Star, The Daughters of Rebekah, or another women's fraternal organization? This lecture focuses on the rich genealogical material of family members who may have belonged to one or more of these female auxiliaries and secret societies. Level: Beg., Int. (Michael L. Strauss, AG®)

FR033 How Advertising Brought Our Ancestors West
Motivation is one of the hardest factors to identify when we’re trying to tell our ancestors’ stories. Examining some of the messages aimed at getting people to settle in sparsely-populated places can give us a window into what may have motivated our ancestors to move west. Level: Int. (Annette Burke Lyttle)

FR034 Family History and Identity, Who Does Your Family Think They Are?
Every family has an origin story that we tell to our children. How can family historians of today use research and DNA to better share these fascinating stories with the next generation as well as gently remove untrue narratives from our family memory? Level: Beg., Int. (Crista Cowan of Ancestry)

FR035 From Famine to Plenty – Finding My Immigrant Ancestors’ Stories
They might not be famous, but their experiences shaped our families. Come learn how I combined genealogy research with social history to follow my ancestors from Ireland to Nebraska. With libraries and archives at our disposal, we have a wealth of information to help us tell their stories. Level: Beg., Int. (Tessa Keough)

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Friday Social in the Conference Center Lobby
Cash bar and light munchies will be provided.

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Additional Fee Required

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FR037 Friday Evening Banquet - Texas Ranch House: Unveiling "Keeping House" in the Census
Just what does the census occupation “Keeping House” mean? Ten years ago Lisa Louise Cooke donned layers of petticoats, and hit the expansive West Texas desert with her family to find out. Join her reminiscences and ruminations of living “in 1867” on the TV show Texas Ranch House.

Lisa Louise CookeLisa Louise Cooke
is a podcast producer (Genealogy Gems Podcast, and Family Tree Magazine Podcast), author of books including Mobile Genealogy and The Genealogist's Google Toolbox 2nd Edition.