SCGS: Genealogy Jamboree
48th Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Hunting Your Heritage

Friday - Sunday
June 9-11, 2017

Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel
2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA. 91505
Reservations: 818-843-6000 or 800-736-9712
Online Advance Registration is Closed

Walk-In Registrations Are Welcome As Space Permits
Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A
Lisa A. Alzo, MFA
, is a freelance writer, instructor, and internationally recognized lecturer, specializing in Eastern European genealogical research, writing your family history, and other topics.

SA051 Creating Family History eBooks: Your Blueprint for Success
SU005 Finding Your Femme Fatales
SU027 What's New in Eastern European Genealogy?
Camille Andrus
Camille Andrus graduated from BYU with a BA in genealogy. She has lived in Armenia and cataloged microfilmed Armenian records as a volunteer. She works at Legacy Tree Genealogists as a project manager.

SA016 Home, Home in the Caucasus
SA027 Sources of Genealogical Research for Armenians in the Caucasus
SA030 A City by Any Other Name: Armenia and Jurisdictional Changes
SA049 Introduction to Languages in Armenian Genealogical Records
James M. Baker, PhD, CG
James M. Baker, PhD, CGsm specializes in German, Midwest US, and DNA genealogy. He has written articles for the NGSQ, NGS Magazine, and Der Blumenbaum. He has given numerous webinars and live presentations.

SA044 Genealogy Unplugged: When Offline Records Are the Best to Use
SU011 Mayflower to Minutemen: Finding Colonial Records (1610-1790)
SU031 Autosomal DNA Tests: So Good You Can Hardly Believe It
Sheila Benedict
Sheila Benedict Sheila Benedict is a forensic and family genealogist, lecturer, and archivist. Topics: migrations, methodology, Catholic records, California, forensic genealogy, Irish-Americans, California Missions, and more.

FR014 The Importance of Collateral Research
Charlotte Bocage
Charlotte Marie Bocage
is a full-time professional genealogist with more than four decades of experience. The 1977 TV series Roots inspired her to put a name to what she had been doing for so long and to formally continue her genealogical search. Charlotte has been sharing her knowledge since 1999. She is the Bloom and Bocage Family genealogist and historian, tracing her paternal family back to 19th Century Louisiana. Charlotte graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies.

SA023 Did Johnny Come Marching Home?
Hal Bookbinder
Hal Bookbinder
has identified over 4,000 relatives tracing two lines to the late 1700s in the Ukraine. A leader of genealogical organizations in Los Angeles and internationally, he is interested in the historical context for our ancestors' experiences, the changing borders of Eastern Europe, the Pale of Jewish settlement of Western Russia, migration to America, immigrant organizations, and citizenship and naturalization. Hal is an information technology director for UCLA Health and an educator in math, business and information technology for the University of Phoenix.

SU034 Ships of Our Ancestors
Jim Brewster
Jim Brewster
holds a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from Northern Arizona University and works for Family Tree DNA as a group project liaison and enjoys making genetic testing understandable.

SA012 Understanding DNA for Genealogy
SU013 The ABCs of Y-DNA
Edna F. Briggs, D.P.A.
Edna F. Briggs, DPA,
has served as the president of the California African American Genealogical Society since 2014. With degrees from the University of Arkansas, Cal State LA and USC, she has worked in policymaking and management pertaining to health services administration and gerontology. She provides research and other support for her great-grandmother’s family database, consisting of approximately 1,200 descendants. She is a member of SCGS, the African American Historical and Genealogical Society and its Arkansas Affiliate Group.

JF-D Preparing Our Genealogical Society for Future Generations
Michael Brophy, MBA
Michael Brophy, MBA,
offers services and lectures through Brophy Professional Genealogy. He specializes in Irish Americans and Massachusetts records. Reviewers have found his lectures to be insightful, informative, humorous and rich in detail.

FR019 Shamrocks in Cyberspace: Irish Genealogy Databases

FR012 Descendancy Research
FR030 A Guide to Massachusetts Records Repositories
SA015 Orphan Trains: History, Genealogy, Legacy
Angie Bush, MS
Angie Bush, MS,
is the Region 1 Director for the National Genealogical Society and the chair of the Genetic Genealogy committee. Her day job is as Genetic Genealogist Researcher with Ancestry ProGenealogists in Salt Lake City. Although she spends a lot of time working on recent unknown parentage cases (adoptions, unknown fathers), her favorite type of research involves solving decades old “brick-walls” using a combination of traditional records and genetic evidence. Angie is a Utah native and lives with her husband and two descendants in Sandy, Utah.

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments
Bruce Buzbee
Bruce Buzbee
is the founder and president of RootsMagic, Inc. and the author of RootsMagic genealogy software. For over 20 years Bruce has been writing genealogy software, having originally written the popular Family Origins program. Bruce has taught thousands of users the ins and outs of RootsMagic, from the basics for beginners to advanced topics for the genealogy professional. Bruce is also the webmaster of, the world's most popular family reunion planning site, as well as the author of Family Reunion Organizer software.

FR023 RootsMagic: Your Home Base for Your Online Research
SU007 RootsMagic and Ancestry: Together at Last
John Catron
John Catron
founded Legacy Books in 2006, when he saw the need that families and companies have in organizing and presenting their respective histories. He has served individuals, families, and companies in preserving their histories in beautiful and high quality books. Previously, John worked for TD Banknorth Garden's public relations department in Boston, in the media relations department for Utah State University athletics and in media relations at the Big Sky Athletic Conference.

SA035 Resources for Designing and Publishing Your Family Histories
Shannon S. Christmas, MCP
Shannon S. Christmas, MCP
, Shannon S. Christmas, MCP, specializes in genetic, colonial American, and African-American genealogy in Virginia and the Carolinas.

FR013 Decode your DNA: Strategies for Beginning Genetic Genealogy
SA026 How to Get More from Your DNA with
Lisa Louise Cooke
Lisa Louise Cooke
is a podcast producer (Genealogy Gems Podcast, and Family Tree Magazine Podcast), author of books including Mobile Genealogy and The Genealogist's Google Toolbox 2nd Edition.

FR037 Texas Ranch House: Unveiling "Keeping House" in the Census
SA021 The Genealogist’s Google Search Methodology
SA046 7 Awesome Apps That Will Help You Captivate Non-Genealogists
Crista Cowan
Crista Cowan
has employed at Ancestry since 2004; her involvement in family history, however, reaches all the way back to childhood. She frequently speaks at local and national genealogy events around the country. Watch her live show, The Barefoot Genealogist, every Tuesday at 10:00 am (Pacific)/1:00 pm (Eastern) on

FR011 Hidden Gems: Underutilized Record Collections on
FR034 Family History and Identity, Who Does Your Family Think They Are?
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
, genealogist and journalist Schelly Talalay Dardashti has tracked her Sephardi-Ashkenazi-Mizrahi families for 30 years, created “Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook" (11,000+ members) and is MyHeritage’s US Genealogy Advisor.

FR021 Tips for Tracing Your Jewish Roots
David Dowell, PhD.
David Dowell, PhD
, was librarian for 35 years and has two degrees in history and two in library science. He has researched family histories since the 1960's. His most recent books are NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection (2015) and Crash Course in Genealogy (2011). Previously he taught “Genealogy Research” and “Ethics in the Information Age” at Cuesta College and chaired the Genealogy Committee of the ALA. He blogs as “Dr. D Digs Up Ancestors” at and coordinates three DNA projects.

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments
Debra M. Dudek, MSc
Debra M. Dudek, MSc,
is Head of Adult and Teen Services at the Fountaindale Public Library District in Bolingbrook, IL.

SU006 I Have My Ancestor's WWI Record, Now What?
SU016 The Diary of Wesley Peever – A World War I Genealogical Mystery
SU032 Crime, Prison, and Punishment: Researching UK Criminal Ancestors
Alice Fairhurst
Alice M. Fairhurst, MS,
is President of the Southern California Genealogical Society ( and serves as the Jamboree co-chair for 2017. From 2006 to 2015 she managed the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) Y-DNA Haplotree tree, cited in many academic papers. Prior to retirement from JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), she taught at Cal Poly Pomona and Glendale Community College. An avid genealogist, she first started recording her family stories when in grammar school and has traced her Scottish, Irish, and French roots back to the old country.

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments
SA042 Armenian Research Panel
Melanie Frick, MLS
Melanie Frick, MLS,
an Iowa native and avid genealogist from a young age, holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and serves on the board of the NextGen Genealogy Network.

SA019 The Next Generation: Young Genealogists and Your Society

Katie M. Gertz
Katie M. Gertz
is currently serving as the President of the East Valley Chapter of the Family History Society of Arizona, and Secretary for the Family History Society of Arizona. Katie became her family historian in 2008. She has attended many genealogy workshops and seminars and has been giving presentations to genealogy clubs and genealogy workshops all over the State of Arizona. Her genealogy research has taken her back to her 9th great grandparents. Like her passion for technology, genealogy presents interesting puzzles to solve. Katie owns and operates a home-based business called Kate’s Computer Clinic. She repairs, installs and teaches personal computers. She is a certified Apple Product Professional and Microsoft Partner.

SA041 Populating the US Colonies With Convicts
Colleen Greene, MLIS
Colleen Greene, MLIS
, is a librarian, web developer, and educator. She is the Marketing Librarian for Cal State Fullerton, and teaches an online graduate genealogy course for San Jose State University.

SA013 Digging Deeper into Mexican Church and Civil Registration Records

Jean Hibben
Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA
, national speaker and writer, serves on a number of boards for genealogy groups, including the Southern California Chapter of Associated Professional Genealogists, Genealogical Speakers Guild, International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, and the Corona Genealogical Society.

JF-E Why Become a Professional Genealogist: Preparing for an Exciting New Career or Avocation
JF-E Becoming a Genealogy Lecturer
SA022 Come All Ye! Getting Information Before Literacy Was Common

Marilyn Honda
Marilyn Honda, is a graduate of Occidental College and has an MA in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. A graphic designer, writer and genealogist, she started her journey to find her Armenian roots in 2011. In 2016 she traveled to Isatanbul, Turkey, to visit her grandparents' homeland. Her company, Generation Art (, specializes in family archiving and preservation using both digital and traditional albums.

SA042 Armenian Research Panel
Daniel Horowitz
Daniel Horowitz
, genealogy expert for MyHeritage, provides key contributions on product development and public affairs. Daniel is a computer engineer with specialization in education and a is board member of several genealogy societies.

FR010 MyHeritage Best Kept Secrets
SA003 DNA Matching Technology, a New Frontier in Genealogy
Janet Hovorka
Janet Hovorka, MLIS is the owner of Family ChartMasters printing service and genealogyDOTcoach online service connecting professionals and clients, author of Zap the Grandma Gap books and is a professor at SLCC.

SU001 What's In Your Attic and What To Do About It
SU026 Advocating Genealogy: Overcoming the Issues of a New Genealogist
SU035 3 Playground Rules for Genealogists on the Internet
Debbie A. Kennett
Debbie A. Kennett is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London. She is the author of two books: DNA and Social Networking and The Surnames Handbook. She is the administrator of three DNA projects at FTDNA: the Cruwys/Cruse/Cruise DNA Project, the Devon DNA Project and the mtDNA Haplogroup U4 Project. Co-founder of and contributor to the ISOGG Wiki, she is also a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies and is the Guild’s Social Networking Co-ordinator. She writes the popular blog Cruwys News.

FR016 The Joy of Surnames
FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments
SA039 Crossing the Pond with Your Surname DNA Project
SA004 Census, Parish, and Other Records in the UK

Tessa A. Keogh
Tessa Keough
, is a genealogist working on her family history and special projects. These include a one-place and one-name study, and her YouTube channel. She also writes for The In-Depth Genealogist.
FR035 From Famine to Plenty – Finding My Immigrant Ancestors’ Stories
SA017 Crossing the Pond to North America with Your One-Name Study
SA043 Research at a National Archives Records Administration Facility

Dr. Michael D. Lacopo
Michael D. Lacopo, DVM
is a retired small-animal veterinarian born and raised in northern Indiana. A self-described “all-American mutt”, his research skills cover a broad range.

FR003 Beginning Your Italian Research
SA038 “She Came from Nowhere…” A Case Study Approach to a Complex Genealogical Problem

Brad Larkin, MBA, MCSE
Brad Larkin, MBA, MCSE,
is a software engineer from Texas interested in genealogy, music, science, and history. He combines those passions to create technology in the fields of genetic genealogy and healthcare.

SA052 DNA vs. Irish Annals

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG
Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG®
, has become a favorite speaker at conferences and webinars. Her experience runs deep into the hills of Appalachia. She serves as a Family History Center Director.

FR005 Misbegotten Children: Tracing the Illegitimate
FR027 Treasures in Township Records
SA050 Away, I’m Bound Away…Migration Into the Shenandoah Valley

Denise May Levenick, MA
Denise May Levenick, MA,
is a native Californian, author and lecturer with research interests in personal and family collections. She blogs about preserving heirlooms at

SU030 You Can't Take It With You: Estate Planning for Genealogists

Janice Lovelace, PhD,
Janice Lovelace, PhD,
(psychology), primarily presents on health, genetics, research methodology and her ethnic minority heritage. She recently retired from 30 years of tenured college teaching.

SA040 Ancestral Trauma in Your Genes?
SU017 Breaking Through the Wall of Slavery – African American Genealogy
SU020 Did Your Ancestors Own Slaves?
Annette Burke Lyttle
Annette Burke Lyttle,
Annette Burke Lyttle is a professional genealogist specializing in online and repository research, and genealogical education and writing. She loves helping people find and tell their family stories.

FR018 Genealogical Proof for the Novice Genealogist
FR033 How Advertising Brought Our Ancestors West
SU022 What Is Social History and Why Should a Genealogist Care?
Thomas MacEntee
Thomas MacEntee
is a genealogy professional based in the United States specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogy research and as a way to connect with others.

FR009 Facebook: A Tool for Genealogy Research
FR020 Citing Sources and Evaluating Evidence
SA011 Google Forms for Genealogists
David McDonald, DMin, CG
Rev. David McDonald, DMin, CGsm
, is a trustee of the Board for Certification of Genealogists. He is a partner in the Michigan-based genealogy firm Alcorn, Smith & Nason, LLC. He has more than 40 years' experience as a genealogist.

SA020 History and Research in England's American Colonies
SA037 Brick Wall or Black Hole: Knowing When to Stop
SA055 If I'da Known the Future, I'da Got Here Sooner
Gerard B. McKay
Gerard B. McKay
has been an active family researcher since his first trip to the National Archives in 1989. He has documented one family line to the settlers of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia in 1731.

SU004 Probate Records: Finding Enslaved Ancestors Before 1865

Dawn Anahid MacKeen
Dawn Anahid MacKeen
is the author of The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey, which is about her grandfather's survival of genocide, and her quest to tell his story. Called a "must read"by the New York Post and Outside, the book is based on her grandfather's recently discovered journals and a decade of research. Previously she was a staff writer at Salon, Newsday, and SmartMoney. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Elle, the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere.

SA042 Armenian Research Panel
Kathy Meade
Kathy Meade
, is the North American representative for ArkivDigital, an online service that provides access to the Swedish historical records.

FR024 Introduction to Swedish Military Research

Lisa Medina
Lisa Medina,
an avid genealogist, Lisa Medina is committed to creating thoroughly researched family trees and compelling histories. Lisa considers it her job to bring the last to life!

SA019 The Next Generation: Young Genealogists and Your Society

Sharon D. Monson
Sharon D. Monson
, is a professional genealogist, creator of the Genealogy Kit, and author of Shortcut to Genealogy Sources. Her blog at features primary and secondary U.S. sources and skill-building tools.

SU021 Family Secrets: Court Records Tell It All
Jill Morelli
Jill Morelli, CGsm,
an engaging speaker, Jill Morelli lectures on methodology and her Midwestern, German and Swedish roots to beginners and advanced learners. Jill loves to share her passion for genealogy and blogs about her experiences of being “on the clock.”

FR004 Too Many Marys: Solving Identity and Same Name Conundrums
FR031 My Top Ten Tech Tools I Really Use
SA025 Genealogical Proof Standard According to Sherlock Holmes

George G. Morgan
George G. Morgan
is a popular lecturer and webinar presenter, author of 12 books, and regular writer for 4 genealogy magazines. He co-hosts The Genealogy Guys Podcast with Drew Smith.

SA008 Extend Your Research Using Digital Special Collections
SA047 Laying Out Clues in Funeral Home Records
SU015 Recruit Volunteers for Digitization and Indexing Projects

Donna M. Moughty
Donna M. Moughty
is a researcher, lecturer and blogger on a variety of subjects including Internet, Irish research and computer topics. She also leads a research trip to Ireland each year.

FR007 From Rubble to Ruin: Locating Famine Emigrants
Using Griffith's Valuation
SA028 Unpuzzling Ireland's Church Records
SU009 Researching Your Irish Ancestors Online
SU019 Strategies for Finding Your Irish Ancestors
Michael John Neill
Michael John Neill,
has actively researched his ancestry for over thirty years. He writes "Genealogy Tip of the Day" and "Casefile Clues" in addition to maintaining various blogs at He also leads trips to Salt Lake City and Ft. Wayne.

FR017 Generating Genealogy Blog Content
SA024 Image Creation and Citation
SU036 Using the Bureau of Land Management Tract Books
David Nicholson,
David Nicholson - Managing Director of Living DNA. Having been involved in DNA testing for over 15 years, David was the first person to bring a commercial DNA testing company to the UK exhibitions in 2006. With a passion for taking complex genetics and making it simple he presents on a behind the scenes view of DNA testing for family history and what fine scale analysis now offers.

FR025 High Definition DNA Testing
Linda Harms Okazaki
Linda Harms Okazaki
currently serves as president of the California Genealogical Society. She is a recent graduate of ProGen and GenFed, and has an interest in researching Japanese Americans.

FR015 Angel Island: What Records Exist and Where to Find Them

Gena Philibert-Ortega
Gena Philibert-Ortega, MA, MAR,
holds Master’s degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies and Religion. She is an author, researcher, and lecturer.

SA018 Wives, Girlfriends, Widows, Exes and Mistresses: Documenting Women
SA034 Uncle Sam Wants You: Women’s Lives During World War I
SU012 Grandma Was an Alien: Marriage and Citizenship in the 20th Century
Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL
Elissa Scalise Powell, CGsm, CGLsm
, is co-director of the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP), BCG past-president, IGHR Professional Course Coordinator, and BU Gen course instructor for 8 years.

FR022 Choosing the Best Continuing Education Opportunities
JF-E Becoming a Genealogy Lecturer
JF-E Get Paid for Your Passion: Becoming a Professional Genealogist
Michael Provard
Michael Provard,
works at FamilySearch and RootsTech as an Events Manager. He has presented at national genealogical conferences for more than 15 years.

FR002 Preserving Your Memories on
SA001 Using FamilySearch to Hunt Your Heritage: Advanced Research Tips
SA010 The New Indexing Tool from FamilySearch
Kristin Rand
Kristin Rand, PhD,
joined the AncestryDNA team in November of 2015. She is an epidemiologist who specializes in understanding how genetics are associated with demographic patterns. Prior to joining AncestryDNA, Dr. Rand’s work focused on the contribution of genetic variation to multiple myeloma and prostate cancer risk in individuals of European and African ancestry, as well as providing insight into the genetic basis for the observed racial/ethnic disparity in incidence observed for both diseases. Dr. Rand holds a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of Southern California.

SA029 How DNA Testing Works: The Science Behind Your DNA Results
Barbara M. Randall
Barbara M. Randall
, a native of central New York, Barbara M. Randall moved to the Los Angeles area in 1996 and Genealogy was discovered at Jamboree 2009! Barbara is active in SCGS as the co-chair of the Jamboree Extension Series Webinars, facilitator of the Legacy Family Tree User group, librarian and Jamboree Committtee member. She is also active in APG, NGS, Genealogical Speakers Guild, the British Isles Family History Society-USA, NEHGS, NYG&B and ISFHWE. Barbara presents workshops on a variety of genealogy topics. She is a DAR volunteer genealogist/consultant.

JF-C Genealogy Basics: Tools and Strategies for Success
Geoffrey D. Rasmussen
Geoff Rasmussen
graduated in Genealogy from BYU and served as director and VP of the Utah Genealogical Association. He develops the Legacy software and is the host of the Family Tree Webinars series.

FR029 Hearts Before Charts: Listening for our Ancestors
SA014 Navigating the New Google Photos
SA032 What's New in Legacy Family Tree 9?
SU023 DNA, Your Research, and Legacy Family Tree
Diane L. Richard
Diane L. Richard specializes in NC and southern research, genealogy society initiatives and research tools. She is editor of UpFront with NGS (blog) & NCGS Journal, and is a regular contributor to Your Genealogy Today.

SU008 Two States, Multiple Counties – What’s a Border?
SU033 Freedmen’s Bureau Records – Valuable to ALL Southern Research!
Mary Kircher Roddy
Mary Kircher Roddy, a CPA, earned a certificate in Genealogy and Family History from University of Washington. She writes for Internet Genealogy and Family Chronicle, and lectures live and via webinars.

FR006 Bagging a Live One: Connect With Cousins You Never Knew You Had
Jane Neff Rollins
Jane Neff Rollins, is a professional genealogist who has researched genealogy, for herself or clients, nationwide and internationally for 25 years. She is an alumna of the Forensic Genealogy Institute.

SU014 The Iron Curtain is Down: Genealogical Treasures from the Ex-USSR
Janice M. Sellers
Janice M. Sellers, is a professional genealogist who is passionate about her work. She specializes in Jewish, black, dual citizenship, and newspaper research. She has taught at local and national events.

SU029 Reconstructing a Family When You Start with Almost Nothing

Elena Semerdjian
Elena Semerdjian is avidly interested in Armenian history and genealogy. Elena has been a field representative for Assemblyman Mike Gatto in the California State Legislature. She is Solar System Ambassador for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a member of the Unicef Congressional Action team, and an afterschool program coordinator for LifestepsUSA.

SA042 Armenian Research Panel
Kristi L. Sexton, MSA
Kristi L. Sexton, MSA, loves an opportunity to research, learn and grow with each individual she works with. Putting puzzles together and finding the missing pieces of each 'story' is her favorite.

SU024 Match and Merge or Moving On!

Drew Smith, MLS
Drew Smith, MLS,
is a librarian at the University of South Florida, author of the book Organize Your Genealogy, host of the Genealogy Connection podcast, and co-host of The Genealogy Guys Podcast.

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments
SA036 Your Ancestor's FAN Club: Using Cluster Research

Nicka J. Smith
Nicka J. Smith,
is a professional photographer, speaker, and documentarian with more than 18 years of experience as a genealogist.

FR001 Finding John Lee: Using DNA, Online and Offline Genealogy
FR026 The Proof is in the Pension

Diahan Southard
Diahan Southard
. Fifteen years of experience in the genetic genealogy industry has qualified Diahan Southard to instruct all levels of interest. You will leave enlightened and motivated as she is upbeat and full of energy.

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments

C. Ann Staley, CGsm, CGLsm
C. Ann Staley, CGsm, CGLsm
is an instructor, consultant, trip leader, and lecturer. She holds the following positions: faculty, NIGS; secretary, GSG; education chair, Jacksonville GenSoc; trustee, Florida State GenSoc. She is co-author of NGS Research in the States Series Research in Florida.

SA033 Slave Narratives: Telling the Story of Slavery and Families
Michael L. Strauss, AG
Michael L. Strauss, AG®
, is a professional genealogist and qualified expert witness in court. Strauss is an approved genealogist with the US Army to locate persons MIA from Korea, Vietnam, and WWII.

FR008 Roosevelt’s Tree Army: Finding Your Ancestors in the CCC
FR032 Decoding Secret Societies: Sisterhood in Fraternal Organizations
SA002 Your Family in WWI: From Home Front to Battlefield
SA009 Descendancy Research: Another Pathway to Genealogy
Anna Swayne
Anna Swayne
has 10+ years of experience in the DNA genealogy world. At Ancestry, she leads efforts in developing education to help our community maximize their experience with AncestryDNA.

SU002 Putting Your DNA Matches to Work

Deborah Sweeney
Deborah Sweeney
is a professional genealogist, blogger and a former theatrical costumer. She is the author of three books: Alfred M. Dicks; Dear Mother, Love Daddy; and Lots of Love, Daddy.

SA007 Dating Fashion in Photographs
SA019 The Next Generation: Young Genealogists and Your Society
Pam Vestal
Pam Vestal
is a professional genealogist and lecturer, and the owner of Generations Genealogy, LLC. Her articles have appeared in the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly.

SU010 Beyond Names and Dates: Filling in Our Female Ancestors’ Stories
Kim R. von Aspern-Parker
Kim R. von Aspern-Parker
has been a researcher and lecturer for more than 15 years. A member of APG, NGS, SCGS, and the Genealogical Speakers Guild she is pursuing her credentials in genealogy.

SA048 Adoption Research

Brett Weiss
Brett Weiss
is the CEO of Photos, Movies & More and an occasional author of scanning related stories and guidebooks. His funny and informative style will greatly enhance your current knowledge of digital imaging, physical archiving and the future of imaging.

SU025 How to Preserve Photos, Film and All That Other Great Stuff!

Eric Wells
Eric Wells
is a recovering construction worker who has been working in genealogy since 2008. He is currently the Education Co-Coordinator of the NextGen Genealogy Network.

SA019 The Next Generation: Young Genealogists and Your Society
Randy Whited
Randy Whited,
has been an avid genealogist for 30 plus years. He's active in several genealogical organizations, including serving as President of the Texas State Genealogical Society, and an FGS Director.

JF-D Society Scorecard: How to Measure Success
JF-D Google Apps for Your Society
SA019 The Next Generation: Young Genealogists and Your Society
SA045 Technology Resources for Deciphering Foreign Language Records
Duff Wilson
Duff Wilson,
has worked with Family Tree Maker since 2004. He has twenty-five years of software design and development experience and has earned national awards for his work. He holds a Master’s degree from Utah State University in instructional technology with an emphasis in computer-based instruction. Duff is an avid genealogist, and works closely with countless genealogists, ranging from novice to expert.

SA006 Getting Started with Family Tree Maker 2017
SU003 Getting the Most Out of Family Tree Maker 2017
Paul Alan Woodbury
Paul Alan Woodbury
, is a graduate of BYU where he studied Genetics and Genealogy. He is a senior researcher at Legacy Tree Genealogists and a course developer at SLCC. He specializes in DNA research.

SA019 The Next Generation: Young Genealogists and Your Society

Christine Woodcock
Christine Woodcock
is a genealogy educator with an expertise in Scottish records. She organizes genealogy research tours to Scotland where participants can research their ancestors onsite.

SA005 Breaking Through Your Scottish Research Brick Walls
SA031 Step Away From the Computer
SU018 Underused Databases for Scottish Genealogy